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Life Stations

Life Stations are a unique tool utilized in our Memory Care communities, meant to spark memories and create simple moments of joy for our residents. They are designed to be interactive - we encourage our residents to touch, feel, use and share the items that make up each life station.

The overall theme of our life stations is universal - looking at what our residents' typical day may have consisted of - from coffee in the morning, checking the mail, going to church every Sunday, caring for young children, etc. Life stations are selected based on a community's cur­rent population, determined by getting to know each resident and through stories and history shared by their family - where did they work, what were their hobbies, etc.

Life sta­tions are dynamic and will reflect the wants, needs and historical past of our residents and will need to adapt as our population changes. We believe that the residents define the life stations and not vice versa.

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