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Our family made a carefully researched decision when selecting May Creek for our mother's care. Beyond a safe and warm environment, we wanted a home away from home for her and the rest of the family who planned to visit frequently and become a part of her new lifestyle. What we got was far beyond that.

The talent and compassion of the caregivers sets May Creek apart from its peers. In a facility where residents are normally managing a decline in their capacities, our mom's overall wellness actually improved. It was the personal engagement of the team - from the dining room staff to the resident assistants to the nurses to the leadership - that combined to create such a meaningful journey for our mom's final years. In addition to having received the finest healthcare services, we are left with powerful memories and lasting friendships.

Steve Ritter

When the time came that our mom needed more care and the doctor said she could not live alone anymore, my sister and I were in a total panic! She had to give up her car and she did not want to give up her independence. I had visited several places and no way were we putting her there. Thank goodness a friend of mine told us about May Creek and she referred to it as a "diamond" in the woods of Walker. Her having lived on a lake by Park Rapids I thought, ok, she would like this, let's check it out. Staff met me, showed me around and I immediately thought this is it! I was a wreck, they told me they understood and gave me hope. While I was afraid of mom's reaction when she toured, she said "I could never live in a place like this could I, it is so beautiful." Yes, I thought, you can. She settled in. Staff couldn't have been more helpful with her transition. Finally we could sleep at night. Within days we couldn't even get ahold of her as she was not in her apt. Beauty salon, dominoes (never played dominoes in her life), crocheting, gardening, bingo (she won, so excited), exercise class (really?), she joined bell choir (unbelievable), eating in the dining room (tomato basil soup, her favorite now), on the bus with Lori the Activity Coordinator, whom we love, with trips to the Casino, Christmas light viewing, pontoon rides, and on and on.

For once we knew our mother was safe and oh so happy!

We can't wait to visit. Whenever we arrive, we see the beautiful decorating of the seasons and holidays throughout the Lodge. We see staff and residents active and about. Finding mom sitting by the fireplace reading or visiting with others is so comforting and such a relief.

My sister and I both have picked out our apartments! Mom was right, it is so beautiful and she so deserves it.

Thanks Ann and staff for giving our mom such a wonderful place to spend her golden years. We have been blessed.

Diane Sorenson, Sherry Boyd, and Mark Boyd

It was wonderful to visit Mom and find that she is so completely content in her new surroundings. She commented many times that it is exactly where she wants to be. Once again, thank you and your excellent staff for taking such good care of Mom. She looks absolutely wonderful, her personality reflects that she is back to her old self again and her sense of humor is returning. I truly cannot think of a better place for her to be. I truly feel an angel was watching over our family the day we discovered May Creek!

Mary Thomas

Our Mother loved living at May Creek. Almost immediately after moving in, she told us how easy it was to move and adjust to a new way of life at May Creek, even though she had loved the home our father built for her. Mother was in her 90's when she sold her home and moved to May Creek. Mother was an accomplished pianist and thoroughly enjoyed being with people. She found May Creek's musical and social activities and programs to be especially to her liking. Also having a beauty salon just outside her apartment door couldn't have pleased her more. Mother always loved to look her best, wear nice clothes and jewelry and, having a weekly shampoo and set, fit her lifestyle perfectly. We often joined her on Friday mornings for caramel rolls and coffee and could see how much she enjoyed her surroundings. The fine meals and personal care mother received attests to the healthy long life she had at May Creek.

We extend our sincere thanks for the quality care you provided our mother.

Ardyth Erickson Thompson
Lyle Erickson
Ron Erickson
Chuck Erickson
Jill Erickson Frei

Besides being a beautiful and serene setting for her to live, we soon noticed there were significant differences between May Creek and our mother's previous assisted living experience.

The May Creek staff immediately noticed breathing issues and asked us to seek medical attention. It was discovered she had pneumonia, which had gone undetected and untreated prior to her move to May Creek Lodge in May 2008. The staff scheduled doctor's appointments for us whenever they felt an issue needed attention. Our mother was part of a large family that was very concerned about her well being.

Not once have we ever felt insecure about her care. The staff is caring, kind and professional. Not once have we felt that any staff member is ill-suited for elder care. In fact, we felt like the staff was "hand picked" for their positions at May Creek. Not once did we feel that she was just a "client". The staff always took the time to listen when she needed to talk, and a friendship bond formed very quickly. We will be forever grateful that May Creek Lodge was a safe and loving environment for our mother.

Morrie and Lynne Erickson

I am writing to thank you and your staff at May Creek Lodge for the exemplary care and friendship my Mom enjoyed during her years there. May Creek Lodge is one of those all too rare places where the whole seems to be greater than the sum of its parts – a truly valuable thing in a place entrusted with peoples' quality of life.

I wish I could thank everyone on your staff by name – but, surely I would leave someone out. I can, however, tell you that I have never experienced a care facility where every staff member I met did their jobs with such absolute commitment to the comfort and safety of its residents. From the nursing staff, to the activities people, community volunteers, housekeeping and kitchen staff, everyone at May Creek worked to preserve the health and happiness of the residents. Ann, you should be very proud of your management and people skills that allow this group of staff and residents to create the sense of community found at May Creek Lodge.

I will always be grateful for the peace and comfort Mom found at May Creek. Her time there were the happiest years she experienced since my Dad passed away. To be able to say that – given the health issues and eventual decline Mom experienced – is the most sincere compliment I can give to you and your staff. I wish every family needing care for someone they love could be as fortunate as ours.

David Horazdovsky

May Creek became an important part of our lives in 2004, when our mother, Lila Church, moved to her apartment in May Creek's Assisted Living Lodge. Mother was a remarkable woman of great strength, immense talent and deep faith, who taught us to be strong. Our father died when mother was only 42. She had not previously worked outside our home but knew she needed to work to support her young daughters. While employed, mother continued to keep an immaculate home, entertain family and friends, and always had time to help others in need. We were raised in a loving home and because mother always wanted the best for us, it was easy in return, to always the want the best for her. When her health began to fail and living alone became difficult, we could not have found a better place for Mom to live than at May Creek. She was a resident for two years and benefited from the unique lifestyle May Creek provided her. While receiving just the right amount of assisted care, Mom was still afforded the opportunity to maintain her independence to continue volunteering as a breakfast buddy to grade-schoolers, participate in her church activities and quilters club. We can't thank the May Creek staff enough for the respectful, thoughtful care provided to our mother. It was always comforting to know Mom was in good hands when we couldn't be there with her.

With Our Sincere Thanks,

Barb Church Greenside
Betty Church Kuffel
Bev Church Erickson
Brenda Church Erickson

My mother arrived at May Creek reluctantly. She had lived in her own home for many years since my father died and enjoyed her independence. When a slight stroke left her unable to cook or care for herself on her own, we heard about May Creek and together made the decision that this was where she should be. Immediately, we knew it was the perfect answer. Mom was able to maintain her privacy when she wanted it, yet grew to love the activities, warm friendships and good food that existed just down the hall. May Creek quickly became her home in every sense. She took pride in the welcoming seasonal décor, the many parties and field trips, and in development next door of the Memory Care Cottages. The incredible, caring staff and residents became her family. When my mother finally passed away at age 95, we knew we would miss her. But we have also missed everyone at May Creek. You provided a safe, comforting, joyful environment that allowed mom to live her last years in laughter and peace. We will be forever grateful.

Carol Russell

We definitely feel an angel was looking out for our family the day we found May Creek. Mom was one of the first residents at May Creek moving there just a few weeks after it opened and residing there for nine years. Our family has always been very impressed with May Creek. The facility is well designed and has a very caring and highly trained staff.

When Mom moved to May Creek, she was very independent but over the years, she began to require more and more assistance. Again, an angel was looking out for us as a few years ago May Creek added extended care. Because of this, Mom was able to stay at May Creek. I cannot say enough about the excellent care Mom received and this was all done in a very caring and loving manner. Mom is a very private person and loved having her own apartment but she did enjoy spending time with others and participating in various activities.

While visiting Mom at May Creek, we had the opportunity many times to observe the daily operation. We ate with Mom, participated in activities and sometimes stayed overnight so we really did see things first hand. We have always felt it is a first class operation that is very professional and well run by very caring, loving people who go above and beyond for residents and family members. May Creek is family to us and we feel very blessed that Mom was fortunate to live at May Creek as long as she did. Thank you May Creek for all you did for Mom. You are the best.

Sandy Huppert

I love May Creek and everything about it. On our first visit to May Creek, when we were looking for an assisted living facility for our mother, we knew it was the place where we wanted her to be. The atmosphere is like being in someone's home, not a facility or even an apartment building. The staff, although very professional and knowledgeable, are so friendly and caring. And, as if that isn't enough, the residents are just as friendly and caring as the staff. When visiting our mom we loved visiting with the other residents as well. There is always a friendly smile and greeting when you walk in the door. There is no lack of activities that you can join in on. Last, but certainly not least, the food is beyond belief and the dining room is so inviting any time of the day. The coffee is always on. If we had any concerns they were always willing to listen and help us in any way possible. We never worried about how Mom was cared for because we knew she was in good hands. Our mom passed away in September of 2008. She was not a resident at May Creek at the time because of her illness, but Ann Noland, the staff and residents all shared their warm thoughts and we were able to come back and share memories with them. It's a beautiful place with beautiful people and by far the best assisted living place you could ever choose for your parent(s) or for yourself.

Marilyn Geller

An Answer to Prayer:
Little did we know when we took mom through May Creek Lodge a few years ago, how important that day would become later on. After my father's death that May, mom's health took a downward spiral. When she experienced a small stroke, she, along with her doctor, made the decision to move to an assisted living care facility, and May Creek was her choice. The transition was smooth, and the staff made it very easy for us. We couldn't believe how well mom adjusted, and we have seen a remarkable improvement in her health after only two months. She says the food is great, and it's good not to have to worry about cooking and cleaning anymore. There is a wide variety of activities offered to improve (residents) mental and physical health, and mom has enjoyed taking part in these. There are also resident dogs who add joy to the lives of all who reside there. Every need that a resident may have is cheerfully met. The entire staff commits itself to the well-being of each individual. We can rest assured knowing Mom has the very best care available. Walker is fortunate to have an assisted care living facility of this quality. Our sincere thanks to Ann Noland, Jim Rogen, and the entire staff for an outstanding job.

Bonnielyn and Bill Witt

If I hadn't seen the pictures with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed I'd ever see my dad at Men's Coffee! This is huge! He is acclimating and I am so happy and relieved. Plus he has interaction with so many different people on all kinds of levels every day, throughout the day. I think he was lonely before moving to May Creek. It's one thing to be a private person and another to be a lonely person. And this is why his apartment and May Creek suit him so well: He's at the end of the hall where he gets more privacy and can have his alone time, but he has really kind people checking in on him from time to time.

My brother and I feel so lucky the apt. was available when it was. It was meant to be.

I feel like a big weight has been lifted from my mind and my heart. It was so disheartening because things were just getting worse and I'm so far away, I just wanted to scoop him up in my arms and take him back to live with me or my brother. But Walker is his home and I would each time rationalize some of the scary scenarios of his day-to-day "independent" life at home and get back on the plane and fly home. And worry. Every day. Every night.

I keep telling people over and over "If my brother and I looked for a place this nice in Seattle or Tucson I don't think we would have been able to find it." Our family has confidence in all of you and we are happy May Creek is his new home. He's lived there one month and he is so positive about it! He sounds good on the phone when I call him, not vague or detached or weary and this is great! I see little glimmers of the man I've loved for 55 years. It feels like we're getting him back, like he's getting a second chance.

We know he is safe with you and for that we are so grateful.

Thank you,

To each and every one of you,
When we as a family were confused, you provided clarity. When we worried, you provided reassurance. When we visited, you made us feel at home.

Thank you for providing Mom with your care and concern. Thank you for guiding her through good days and bad. Thank you for helping her maintain her dignity.

Life's unexpected twists and turns so very often bring us into contact with individuals that bolster our confidence in humankind. We consider ourselves blessed for having known all of you.

We all occasionally need heroes. What you provide each and every day is truly heroic to those of us who would be lost without your skills, your empathy and your heartfelt care and concern.

We will always consider ourselves part of the May Creek family. You have made us stronger.

Barry Brueland and the Brueland family

Dear Ann,

Never have I seen, heard of, or experienced a place that supports the elderly in anywhere close to the level you have achieved there. You maintain an amazing environment and staff there despite the losses you know you will all have to endure.

Clearly not only do you give care, but such a high level of support that Grandpa feels comfortable. If he couldn't be in his home to the end, at least he has come to feel your place is home. He isn't alone and has those he can trust and confide in around him, as well as all the care and comfort one needs at a time like this.

I deeply admire what you provide and have accomplished there. I don't know if it matches your original vision, it certainly exceeds any of mine. Thank you for your original vision, dedication, persistence in following through, your talent at gathering just the right people around you and your unflagging support to the end. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Diana Parks

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