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Seniors and their families should develop plans to help a loved one deal with dementia 1773 40169928 0 14121552 500

Early signs of dementia

Here are the early signs of dementia. ... Continue Reading
Hit the road in an rv and explore the country on your own schedule 1773 40169880 0 14011568 500

Vacation ideas for seniors

Here are a few vacation ideas for traveling in your golden years. ... Continue Reading
There are a number of benefits to gardening in an assisted living community and residents can take advantage of them regardless of their skill level w 1773 40169458 0 14140362 500

Gardening in assisted living communities

Gardening is a task that seniors do not have to give up in assisted living communities.  ... Continue Reading
The flu vaccine is an effective deterrent for seniors in preventing the contraction and spread of influenza  1773 40169459 0 14111333 500

What seniors should know about the flu vaccine

The flu is dangerous for seniors and they are encouraged to get the vaccine to protect themselves during flu season.  ... Continue Reading

Importance of skin care for residents of senior communities

Dry skin during the winter can be an issue for seniors in assisted living communities.  ... Continue Reading
The winter creates many opportunities for seniors to get sick but there are variety of ways they can protect themselves from illness 1773 40168820 0 14140206 500

Tips on avoiding illness this winter

Seniors in residential living communities can take a variety of steps to avoid getting sick this winter.  ... Continue Reading