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Keep hand sanitizer with you to ward off the flu 1773 40171869 0 14046992 500

Protecting yourself against the flu: What to do and know

Flu season is in full effect - here's how to keep yourself healthy. ... Continue Reading
Kids thrive on structure  even on vacation 1773 40170871 0 14140849 500

Tips for traveling with grandkids

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Work on jigsaw puzzles to improve brain health 1773 40170553 0 14140789 500

Keep your mind sharp with these brain games

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Reduce stress and improve heart health with activities such as yoga and meditation 1773 40170765 0 14140787 500

Improve heart health with these lifestyle tips

Here are a few ways you can improve heart health. ... Continue Reading
Stretching and other gentle exercises can help reduce arthritic pain 1773 40170382 0 14140785 500

Managing arthritis

There are several ways to manage arthritis and the associated aches and pains. Keep reading to find ways to help manage arthritis. ... Continue Reading
Organize a social group with friends or family or join an established club through your library or local senior groups 1773 40170112 0 14140634 500

Hobby ideas for seniors

Read on to find hobby ideas to make retirement fulfilling and fun. ... Continue Reading