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Stroke can be a big concern for seniors 1773 40173366 0 14111378 500

Learning more about strokes and their effects

Strokes, which presents many risks to seniors, are becoming more fully understood. ... Continue Reading
Any amount or type of exercise is good for seniors 1773 40173427 0 14141586 500

Staying active as a senior

Here's how to keep active in old age, whether living in a retirement community or at home. ... Continue Reading
Seniors should always be wary of individuals requesting money over the phone or online 1773 40172700 0 14141286 500

Fraud against seniors: what it looks like, how to prevent it

It's important that older Americans and their loved ones are on high alert for con artists trying to swindle seniors. ... Continue Reading
Despite dulling with time there are ways to sharpen your senses  1773 40172420 0 14141285 500

Senses that fade as we age and how to preserve them

Three senses, in particular, that fade as we age are our ability to hear, see and smell. ... Continue Reading
Make sure to get outdoors this spring 1773 40172371 0 14141283 500

A few outdoor activities for seniors this spring

Here are a few outdoor activity ideas for seniors this coming spring. ... Continue Reading
Try drinking a smoothie to get nutrition as a senior 1773 40171876 0 14094880 500

Making nutritious dining decisions as a senior

Here are some tips on senior nutrition to keep in mind. ... Continue Reading