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Take regular walks to improve bone health 1773 40165663 0 14139214 500

Achieving bone health over age 65

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Try gentle exercises at home to improve your physical health 1773 40165327 0 14139032 500

5 healthy living tips for seniors

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Set aside a full day to help your loved one declutter and clean their home 1773 40164895 0 14132401 500

5 tips for helping a senior clean house

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Organize your life: Decluttering tips for seniors

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Baking is a great activity for kids and seniors to do together 1773 40164388 0 14138816 500

5 fun activities for seniors and kids to do together

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Try your hand at making seasonal crafts to celebrate autumn this year 1773 40164384 0 14110167 500

5 ways seniors can celebrate autumn

Here are a few activities you can take part in to revel in the changing seasons this year: ... Continue Reading