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Seniors are at a higher risk for developing flu complications if they havent received the vaccine 1773 40157005 0 7072148 500

4 vaccinations crucial for seniors

Seniors should protect their health by getting these immunizations. ... Continue Reading
Communicate with seniors about what they want out of upcoming trips 1773 40157016 0 14129431 500

6 tips for traveling with seniors

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Seniors should bathe or change clothes after spending time outside during allergy season 1773 40156694 0 14121010 500

4 ways seniors can deal with allergies

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Families members can help their loved ones who are losing their sight 1773 40155610 0 14109048 500

How to cope with a decreasing sense of sight

A decreased sense of sight doesn't mean seniors lose their independence. ... Continue Reading
Whether golfing or volunteering get out there and enjoy your summer 1773 40155260 0 14122055 500

Summer activities for seniors

Summer is a great time to get out of the house. Here are a few ways to make the most of the season! ... Continue Reading
Exercise is a great way for seniors to stay happy and healthy 1773 40155173 0 14130312 500

Creating a workout plan that works for you

Exercise is a great way to stay happy and healthy as you age, but how should you get started? ... Continue Reading