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Staying connected with loved ones help seniors minds stay sharp 1773 40162479 0 14138291 500

4 ways to increase senior longevity

We want to spend as much time as possible with our loved ones. Here are four ways to lengthen their lives. ... Continue Reading
Pets offer seniors a sense of responsibility 1773 40162219 0 14138293 500

The benefits of pets for seniors

Having a pet offers older loved ones many benefits. ... Continue Reading
Assisted living communities give seniors the additional care they may need 1773 40162555 0 14138289 500

5 questions to ask when choosing an assisted living community

There are five questions you should ask before selecting an assisted living community. ... Continue Reading
Keeping track of their finances can be challenging for seniors 1773 40161868 0 14133895 500

4 money management mistakes for seniors to avoid

Family members should help seniors manage their finances.  ... Continue Reading
As a caregiver youve got a lot of responsibilities on your plate 1773 40161944 0 14133750 500

Simple steps for reducing caregiver anxiety

As a caregiver, you've got a lot of responsibilities on your plate. ... Continue Reading
Seniors should wear the proper clothes to protect their skin from the sun 1773 40161800 0 14137856 500

Protecting seniors from sun damage

Fun in the sun is great, but seniors need to be careful about how much exposure they get.  ... Continue Reading