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Regular health screenings can help senior loved ones avoid serious issues 1773 40160587 0 14131151 500

Important health screenings for seniors

Seniors should be sure to complete these health screenings on a regular basis.  ... Continue Reading
Here are a few ways you can bring independence day to an assisted living community 1773 40160483 0 14129092 500

Celebrating Independence Day in assisted living

Use these activities to make the Fourth of July fun for seniors. ... Continue Reading
Simply listening to seniors anxieties can help reduce themsimply listening to seniors anxieties can help reduce them 1773 40159670 0 14137165 500

How to help a senior dealing with anxiety

Family members can help loved ones struggling with anxiety. ... Continue Reading
Seniors have to be careful about sharing their personal and financial information 1773 40158545 0 14106456 500

5 ways to protect seniors from fraud

Seniors are especially susceptible to fraudulent scams. ... Continue Reading
Arthritis can be challenging for seniors 1773 40158693 0 14106170 500

How to help seniors with arthritis

Arthritis is painful, especially for seniors. Here's how you can help family members dealing with this condition. ... Continue Reading
Certain actions can help seniors fall asleep  and stay asleep 1773 40158091 0 14100285 500

6 tips for seniors dealing with insomnia

Insomnia can be especially challenging for seniors. ... Continue Reading