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Get ahead of flu season with these tips 1773 40179350 0 14115502 500

Getting ready for flu season

Here's what seniors should know about preparing for flu season. ... Continue Reading
Seniors should estimate the costs of longterm care in retirement planning 1773 40179388 0 14112532 500

Preparing for the cost of long-term care

Seniors have to prepare financially for the costs of long-term care. ... Continue Reading
Seniors who volunteer can give back to their communities and learn new things 1773 40178561 0 14136104 500

Finding volunteer work as a senior

Consider volunteering if you're looking for ways to use your time in retirement. ... Continue Reading
Doing crosswords can help improve brain health in seniors 1773 40178506 0 14110724 178

Crosswords can help keep seniors mentally fit

Crosswords can lead to improved brain health. ... Continue Reading
Know your limits when being active under the summer sun 1773 40177598 0 14116228 500

Summer safety tips for seniors

Here are some tips for staying safe in the summer. ... Continue Reading
Senior living communities providesresidents wth a number of activity and enrichment opportunities 1773 40177573 0 14143117 500

Activities and enrichment opportunities you can expect from a retirement community

Here are some activities residents can expect from a retirement community. ... Continue Reading