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Assisted living communities can provide care during rehabilitation from surgery 1773 40163888 0 14104280 500

5 reasons to consider a short-term assisted living stay

Many seniors enter assisted living communities for short-term stays. Here's why. ... Continue Reading
Doing an activity together is a great way to bond between generations 1773 40152922 0 14006203 500

Ways to encourage communication between generations

There are many ways to make it easier for kids and grandparents to bond. Here are a few. ... Continue Reading
Going for a walk outdoors promotes stress relief and improved positivity 1773 40152906 0 14126516 500

Can seniors benefit from spending time outside?

Countless studies have shown that being outdoors can make people happier and less stressed. But are these positive effects similar in seniors? Indeed they are! ... Continue Reading
A new mattress and pillow can greatly improve your rest 1773 40151510 0 14086094 500

4 adjustments that promote better sleep for seniors

You've heard not to nap for too long or to avoid eating a full meal shortly before bedtime. Here are some lesser-known tips that you can try if you're having trouble sleeping. ... Continue Reading
Aging in place allows seniors to have access to increasing levels of care in the same community 1773 40149908 0 14131449 500

The importance of continuum of care in senior living communities

As you look at potential communities, you should learn about each one's continuum of care, or how they help seniors transition from needing little help to requiring one-on-one ... Continue Reading
Ashley magner is the corporate life enrichment director for edgewood management group 1773 40143954 0 14133424 500

What exactly is life enrichment in senior communities?

Read on to learn why Edgewood Senior Living offers a diverse range of activities and why life enrichment is so important to residents. ... Continue Reading