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Seniors should estimate the costs of longterm care in retirement planning 1773 40179388 0 14112532 500

Preparing for the cost of long-term care

Seniors have to prepare financially for the costs of long-term care. ... Continue Reading
Know your limits when being active under the summer sun 1773 40177598 0 14116228 500

Summer safety tips for seniors

Here are some tips for staying safe in the summer. ... Continue Reading
Senior living communities providesresidents wth a number of activity and enrichment opportunities 1773 40177573 0 14143117 500

Activities and enrichment opportunities you can expect from a retirement community

Here are some activities residents can expect from a retirement community. ... Continue Reading
Assistance with getting dressed is a type of service longterm care insurance will cover 1773 40176251 0 7076479 500

Why purchase long term care insurance?

Is buying long-term care insurance a good idea? ... Continue Reading
The caringedge brings community residents and therapy professionals closer 1773 40174005 0 14062968 500

CaringEdge comes to Edgewood communities

Learn more about the CaringEdge. ... Continue Reading
Stroke can be a big concern for seniors 1773 40173366 0 14111378 500

Learning more about strokes and their effects

Strokes, which presents many risks to seniors, are becoming more fully understood. ... Continue Reading